F & Q

What age are your rollers aimed at?

Essential Oils are extreamely powerful we follow the advice from Robert Tissarand (a well known essential oil researcher, doctor and has written books on essential oil saftely) following his advice we do not recommend under 2yo using our rollers yes they are natural and organic but young children can also react differently to certain essential oils.

What is the difference between wide eyes and bad dreams?

They are both aimed at sleeping but Rollaway Wide Eyes is a calming blend specifically for helping children relax before bedtime. It also has lavender in it some children like the smell and others don't also lavender can sometimes have reverse effect to calming in some kids.

Rollaway Bad Dreams has blue tansy which is a natural sedative and perfect for those kids that wake in the night.

What is the difference between Rollaway Anxiety and Rollaway Worry?

They are both for anxiety but just different blends as kids react differently to essentail oils so some blends will work better then others for each child.