At Rollaway rollers we love to support local community and families and we see a lack of fundraising opportunities that are different and and that can be used every day also inexpensive enough that everyone has a choice of what works for them.

With every rollers sold $4 will go straight back to your fundraising effort!


Get in contact and ask us for our fundraising pack.

We feel the best way to achieve a high fundraising effort is that every family gets their own pack this gives the parents a good opportunity to sit down and have a look at what we offer and how it can help your fundraising effort!


As every family has a fundraising pack we have made it ultra easy  and simple they can order online using their fundraising organisation as a reference and shipping address so you know who has ordered and we can deliver all orders at once saving shipping costs for them and easy for us! 

We also offer afterpay for families that feel that gives them a better chance at purchasing. 


We deliver any orders straight to you and also the money that has been raised! 

We feel this makes it so simple and easy for everyone involved and allows for a different fundraising opportunities to be considered and viable. 

Please remember to just in touch if there is any confusion or just to ask questions we are here to help!